Raspberry Pi Rolls Out $50 Global Shutter Camera For Machine Vision Projects

While digital digicam modules have come to be an critical a part of the Raspberry Pi ecosystem, helping diverse use instances from robotics and domestic automation/safety to laptop imaginative and prescient, they have got best been round for a decade. The first digital digicam module for the system — the Raspberry Pi Camera Board — was released in 2013, and this board featured a 5MP sensor that would additionally seize 1080p movies. Since then, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched numerous digital digicam modules for the system to serve diverse purposes, along with the Camera Module 2, a successor to the authentic Raspberry Pi digital digicam board.

Other great Raspberry Pi digital digicam modules brought withinside the beyond consist of the Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera, devoted to night time imaginative and prescient imaging, and the Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera, which has a 12.3-megapixel sensor with aid for interchangeable lenses. More recently, in January 2023, Raspberry Pi introduced the release of the Camera Module 3 — an instantaneous successor to the Camera Module 2. This version featured numerous enhancements over its predecessor, along with aid for segment detection autofocus and advanced sharpness.

On March 9, 2023, the Raspberry Foundation released every other exciting digital digicam module known as the Raspberry Pi Global Shutter Camera. This incredibly specialised digital digicam sensor captures pix otherwise than ordinary photo sensors.

What is the Raspberry Pi Global Shutter Camera?

Most photo sensors in use these days use a era referred to as a rolling shutter to seize pix and movies. This sensor kind captures pics and movies via way of means of exposing extraordinary elements of the photo at extraordinary times. Because rolling shutters are inexpensive to make and may obtain excessive resolutions, those are the maximum popular, typically used photo sensors these days.

However, rolling shutter sensors distort pix and movies of fast-transferring gadgets due to how they seize pix. One manner to keep away from such distortion is to exchange to a tool that makes use of a worldwide shutter sensor — basically an photo sensor that concurrently captures a whole photo in a single go. However, worldwide shutter photo sensors are uncommon and are generally observed on incredibly specialised gadgets which can be additionally generally prohibitively expensive. The distinction among movies captured the use of a worldwide shutter and conventional cameras may be visible here:

The new Raspberry Pi Global Shutter Camera, at just $50, is a completely less expensive answer for digital digicam fans and hobbyists seeking out a digital digicam with a worldwide shutter. This sensor is primarily based totally at the Sony IMX296 and has a decision of 1.6 megapixels. It is straightforward to retrofit the worldwide Shutter Camera on any Raspberry Pi with the C/CS lens mount. It is likewise well matched with current C-mount CGL lenses to be had for the Pi. The basis showed that the ones proceeding to apply the brand new Global Shutter Camera should additionally replace the Raspberry Pi OS.

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